Essie’s newest resort collection has us escaping to the beach

We always get excited when a new line of Essie nail polish is released and this ‘resort 2014 collection’ is no different. Designed to compliment timeless resort looks, these creamy shades work beautifully with breezy beach-wear or cocktails by the water. The four irresistible shades have us thinking spring and wishing good ol’ Punxsutawney Phil didn’t predict six more weeks of winter.

“A beach escape is just the thing to recharge, renew and break free of winter’s icy reach,” says brand founder and Global Creative Director Essie Weingarten. “One can spend weeks devoted to the search for the ideal vacation – whether it’s a desert island retreat or a splashy, flashy party scene,” Weingar- ten explains. “But honestly, as long as there’s sun, sand and a beautiful view, it doesn’t really matter where you go; it’s all about what you bring with you! The it-list getaway essentials: a sunny disposition, the perfect hat, an adorable cover-up and, of course, the must-have shades of essie polish.”

The colors: ‘find me an oasis,’ ‘under the twilight,’ ‘resort fling,’ and ‘cocktails & coconuts’ are beautiful. We can’t wait to get our hands (and fingernails) on these hues.

Check out the colors below

essienailpolish1 essienailpolish2 essie nail polish essienailpolish3

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Essie Nail Polish Colors 2014

The selection of Essie nail polish colors would, for instance, depend on the type of occasion at hand, and users can afford to match the polish with any wear or dress code. Different polish with different colors can be applied to pass different message as desired by user, in addition to aesthetics. For instance, the fresh Pink Works, the blossom Pink About It and the Lavender pink French Affair can be used to show prestige. Others can be worn together with casual clothes. Even polishes with ordinary colors with different shades are available from Essie. The Essie nail polish 2014 versions are applied together with a base coat, and a top coat is necessary in order to achieve a super shiny finish. Indeed, Essie nail polishes do not take a lot of time to dry.

Essie Nail Polish Color Options

Each of the available Nail Polish brands from Essie comes with exclusive colors. For instance, the Absolutely Shore is green in color and forms soft foam when applied. A lovely Parisian blue color is afforded with the Avenue Maintain brand, while Butler Please offers .an indulgent bright blue appearance. If anyone is interested in having a tropical island feel, the Barbados Blue is helpful. Users can also afford a decadent silvery gold glitter with the Beyond Cozy option, while Braziliant offers hot orange appearance with a touch of shimmer.

The Fear or Desire nail polish comes with a bright Orange crush, while Fishnet Stockings is the best for those who need a dark crème reddish appearance. The Head Mistress has an outstanding reddish appearance for those who need to be noticed from the crowd.

A dusty pink color is available on the Cascade Cool polish, and the Dive Bar affords the blackest blue with shimmer. There are different cool and hot colors from where to choose. Other available range of polish options includes the Butler Please, Vanity Fairest, Water melon and Wicked. Others include the Very Cranberry and Not Just a Pretty Face.

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Essie Nail Polish 2014

The modern Essie nail polish formulas provide shades that are classic and chicky, and at the same time, durable. Different users of nail polish have different preferences as far as appearance and color of polish are concerned. In order to fulfill customer tastes and demands, Essie has a range of nail polish colors. Customers can select any Essie nail polish color from the available 500 color options.

Safety and Health

Of greatest concern among nail polish manufacturers is the health of users. Essie nail polish 2014 versions are safe to use because they are free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. This means users can expect no side effects as a result. They will not cause unnecessary irritation on skin.

In addition to providing Essie nail polish with different color options, the manufacturer also incorporates chemicals that do not deter nail growth or cause unusual growth. Chemical additives used in manufacture of Essie nail polish 2014 versions include Diacetone Alcohol, Tin Oxide and Synthetic Fluorphlogopite. Others include Citric Acid, Propyl Acetate and Benzophenone-1. The chemical components determine the final quality of the polish.

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The ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection

The ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection is made up of beautiful, bright,amazingly,lovely, hard to describe range of nail polishes, from bright red, sky blue, mint green, light pink toned purple, and also the red/orange combination which in a way help beat the winter blues. The next time you think of going shopping for nail polishes, don’t stress yourself on which brand to get ,its very easy with ole caliente, mojito madness, first timer, turquoise & caicos and so many others.

The ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection nail polishes are especially most suitable for spring/summer because of their warm bright colors. The allure on the promo pictures is good but the polishes themselves look even better in real life. From looking absolutely sweet to flattering your skin tone,these ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection nail polishes can do wonders to your body. The nail polish colors look deliciously yummy you’d think your nails are a piece of milky jelly. Apply them for brighter, fresh feeling nails with just the perfect application formula which dries quickly. The application brushes are also small, and easy to hold with the most perfectly designed polish bottles which are not bulky.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself some ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection nail polishes and treat yourself and your nails to some colorful and chic glamor. Teach yourself nail art and get the latest color ideas from the ESSIE collection of nail polishes. You can get them in local malls and you can even shop for them online and the better part is shipping is absolutely free. You can also get special discounts on some of the products. What is there not to love about the ESSIE 2013 Resort Collection. Choose a perfect way to end the year 2013 in style.

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how to spot fake Essie nail polish

Essie nail polish is a beauty product from one of the leading authorities on nail care. No wonder some con people have invaded the cosmetic market with counterfeit nail care products with a claim that they are from Essie. Genuine and brand name Essie nail polish comes in a variety of gorgeous colour shades that do work well for both artificial and natural nails. With their chip-resistant formula, the nail polish offers a durable and glamorous shine.

Authentic Essie nail polishes are toluene and DBP free. However, due to the rising number of cases of irregularities in Essie nail polish products, there is cause for alarm for fear of being conned. There is the need to therefore watch out for counterfeit products. Why should you buy an imitation when you can get the real product at the same price?

fake essie nail polish

You can tell between the counterfeit and original Essie nail polish by studying the bottle itself. The disparity may emanate from tiny details like colour, capacity as well as variations in the labels. A keen look at the bottle will reveal that the letter ‘e’ is usually engraved on the top of the lid of an original Essie nail polish. Also, there is a clear or transparent writing of the brand name ‘Essie’ on the bottle. The label at the base of the bottle is usually written in blue ink, showing that the capacity of the bottle is 15 ml. Fake manufactures will often overlook these small details and give you something different. For instance, instead of the normal capacity 15 ml, fake varieties may have a capacity slightly lower than that, usually around 13 ml.

An authentic bottle of Essie nail polish has contact information in the event of any comments or questions on the ordered bottles. It is a clear indication of transparency and genuineness.

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